Right's Asset Management

Renewable energy sources

The wish to preserve the environment and the ecological balance on the planet forces the international community to gradually abandon the fossil energy resources and switch to renewable energy received from the sun, wind, water and geothermal sources. The process of generating such energy does not create greenhouse gases, it does not produce solid waste, nor does it pollute water and atmosphere. Furthermore, there are significant economic benefits to the renewable energy development.
Nowadays, the renewable energy sources in the US produce more electricity than nuclear power plants. This suggests that a new energy era is beginning worldwide. Up to date, the share of renewable energy on the planet is 3%. According to experts' forecasts, by 2030 this indicator will be equal to 10%. So, this energy sphere will only develop actively in the future.
That is why one of the investment areas of our investment fund is investing in the companies that are engaged in the development of technologies and the production of component parts in the field of renewable energy. We choose only the most reliable and promising companies from the US and Western Europe for investment, which gives us the opportunity to receive stable return on investment.