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Invest in one or more plans to ensure the achievement of all your financial objectives.
Select the plan that best matches your current requirement

1.80% daily
For 15 days
Minimum amount $10
Maximum amount $500
If you are a newcomer in investment and do not understand where to start, then this plan is for you
2.20% daily
For 30 days
Minimum amount $50
No maximum
Ideal for small investments for a short time
Asset Productivity
2.70% daily
For 40 days
Minimum amount $300
No maximum
Get a profitable percentage with a small starting amount
Asset Growth
3.50% daily
For 50 days
Minimum amount $1500
No maximum
Optimum daily income that will provide you with additional profit
Cash Flow
4.50% daily
For 60 days
Minimum amount $5000
No maximum
Get maximum profit and maximum pleasure
VIP custom plan
* custom %
For 10-90 days
Minimum amount $20000
No maximum
For professional investors we select individual investment plans on mutual agreed conditions. Get maximum profit daily.

* Contact us for details

For all investment plans:

  • Accruals: all days
  • Profit payout: every 24 hours
  • Return of principal deposit: at the end of investment period

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