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27 August 2019

China and the United States stepped up "trade forces."

China and the United States stepped up "trade forces." On Friday, the market shuddered at the influx of new information: China announced a response to the tariff war, Jerome Powell didn’t say a single word, but hinted at the FRS's readiness to further cut rates, and Donald Trump did not slow down on Twitter, announcing a new raising duties on Chinese imports and expressing a lot of criticism of Powell. All these affairs led to the beginning of a strong downward movement (on Friday the indices fell 2.5%, this morning it was -0.6%). The Japanese price course has dropped to flash crash levels last December - an important psychological frontier. In general, the picture clearly takes on a menacinglook.Investors can only be reassured by China’s desire to sit at the negotiating table (as Trump writes) and prevent escalation before the fall. On this news, futures turned sharply at + 0.5%.

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