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20 June 2019

The US FRS expectedly kept its discount rate yesterday unchanged.

The reaction of financial markets in the United States wasmoderately positive - practically all asset classes, reliable bonds, risky bonds, gold, and stocks rose slightly in price. Futures on the FRS rate are expecting a reduction in the discount rate at the meeting on July 31 with a 100% probability. The reaction in Asia to these events is brighter - futures on theNasdaq on European morning are trading at + 0.8%, gold was approaching close to 1,400 (although it is now gone, but still + 2.6% - gold has gained most of all from recent events ), the yield on 10-year government bonds fell to 1.98% per annum. A reporting season will also begin in mid-July, what will have a local impact on the stock market. Forecast earnings will expect investors foremost in the second half of 2019.

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