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About us

Right Asset Management Company is founded by a team of experienced investors with more than 15 years of investment experience. We focus on making a return on investment with minimal risks.
The company focuses on conservative investments, based on the reliability of financial deposits, the security of investment capital, stable income and minimum investment risks. To understand the purpose and methods of conservative investments, it is necessary to focus on the safety of the initial deposit. After all, if the initial deposit can be saved, then the investment risks will be minimal.
The world of finance is changing rapidly, and investments in the industry, which 10 years ago brought a stable profit, to date have no relevance. For example, a deposit in a bank with a small percentage may not be profitable if the percentage of inflation exceeds the deposit interest.
A person without financial education ,who wants to become a successful investor ,needs to devote a lot of time to studying investment risks in various economic sectors. However, in 70% of cases, beginning investors make up their portfolio of two or three companies or assets, investing in them the full amount of investments. This is due to the lack of time and knowledge necessary to study a wider range of attractive assets. We recommend allocating an investment of at least 15-20 assets. Thus, it is possible to diversify financial risks and increase the reliability of the investment portfolio.
In order to make it easier for novice investors to search for successful assets, we propose to use the services of our investment fund, in which the total investments of clients are diversified in different directions:

Thus, each investor receives a profit in aggregate from all directions of our work. We receive a profit as a percentage of the fund's profit (including taxes, fees and overheads), which remains after settlement with investors. The interest rate paid to investors always remains the same and depends on the amount of the deposit, and our income is the aggregate profit minus payments to investors. When you open a deposit, all taxes and fees have already been accounted for, so our investors do not need to pay additional fees when making a withdrawal.
Our team tries to work transparently and understandably for any investor.
To do this, we publish our actual financial data in real time. Reports of the company's work are available on the link.

Our team

Ricardo Burch - director, co-owner, investor of Right Asset Management LTD.
Practicing trader. He has been trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX markets since 2010. He started exclusively as an intraday trader, but from the end of 2012 he began to invest in the American stock market as a medium-term investor. Now he is an asset manager worth 10 million ye. According to Ricardos opinion, successful trading is a symbiosis of styles, and a successful trader should not be fixated on any one style.

William Wilson co-owner, partner, investor of Right Asset Management LTD.
William has many years of experience in creating and managing European asset management companies. Since 2005, William has been involved in creating a number of successful hedge funds for various investment strategies. Until that time, he founded and headed Grand Asset Management Ltd. and PCE Investors Ltd. The main task of PCE Investors was the creation and development of new investment strategies, IT implementation with a complete information structure, and the development of risk management strategies. One of his work streams is searching of managers according to various strategies for increasing of the initial capital in accordance with the chosen strategies, as well as to attract new investments.

James Cranston the owner, partner, investor of Right Asset Management LTD.
James is an international expert with 15 years experience in the world of finance and investment. He received the best education in the world in finance and business, having defended an MBA at London Business School. James worked for 8 years in one of the leading global investment banks Credit Suisse, including 5 years on Wall Street, where he managed the Department of Securities of Developing Countries, which was responsible for the regions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. On Wall Street, James advised investment fund managers with billions of dollars of customers money. In the financial markets global investment companies such as Fidelity, The Capital Group, Morgan Stanley Investment Management and others turned to James for experience and knowledge.

Sophie Young is director of analytics department.
Sophie Young is constantly monitoring new assets in various segments of our investment areas. Daily tracking of market trends, its behavior and direction. The emergence of new and advanced companies. Deep technical analysis of all future investments. The main interest of the work is data analyst and fintech. Education: MBA (Imperial College London) and a masters degree with Distinction in Computer Science.

Thomas Brandt - Director of Investment.
The main task is to ensure effective planning of financial investments of the company, development of concepts of the company's investment policy based on financial, investment and commercial indicators of the company's condition, investment favorableness in the capital market, etc.

Emily Clark is director for working with closed-end funds.
Emily works closely with a group of analysts, which provides support and guidance on long-range and current portfolio investments. Emily is also responsible for all investments in closed-end funds.

Jessica Allen - Director of Finance Department.
Jessica is responsible for financial management, auditing and adherence to the principle of a trusting organization and its institutional funds. She also leads the team responsible for internal and external reporting, treasury operations, risk management, dues, human resources and information technology. She is a certified public accountant officer and received a bachelor's degree in business accounting and an MBA degree.

Daniel Mitt - Director of cryptocurrency department.
Main tasks: analytics, investment and trading in the direction of the crypto industry. Years of experience in investing and trading in the crypto market allows to obtain excellent results. Before the advent of the crypto currency market, Daniel was a successful forex trader. Practicing trader and investor in the crypto market. In the management of more than 1 million $

Ruby White - Director of Development.
The main task is the development of various strategies to increase the assets of Right Asset Management LTD. Search for promising partners and clients for the company, their verification and risk assessment of transactions. Ruby was engaged for 7 years in sales directions and research of emerging markets. Prior to this, Ruby was a management consultant in Central Europe. Ruby has a degree in finance and economics.

Lily Anderson - Human Resources Director.
Lily is responsible for staffing strategy, develops personnel management processes and issues of compliance with personnel work rules. Prior to that, Lily was director of human resources, communications and legal affairs and a member of the executive team of the EMPI Company. She also worked for Bird & Bird, a group of Conventum / Pohjola and Roschier.

Harry Jones is a director of IT and cyber security Department.
The main task is the security of the implementation of investment contracts and the provision of reliable, stable and flawless software operation. Education: MBA and Master of Technical Sciences City University London